All workshops and materials are geared toward helping us to remember and awaken to our connection with Nature. The material and information in these workshops has been channeled from the Faeries. Diomira then worked co-creatively with them on the design, look and feel of each of these programs. They are designed to not only help us remember, but also help to raise our vibrational frequency thereby preparing us for the ascension process. These programs are all part of an ancient body of wisdom that is both old and very new. They are called The Faery Wisdom Teachings.

Please see descriptions below for the different types of events that are offered.

While Diomira resides in the Northeast of the United States, events can be done anywhere domestically and internationally. If you are interested in hosting an event please contact Diomira for more information.

2015 Ireland Trip – “We would love for you to join our Meditative experience as we connect with a world that created our own. We will touch the land and ancient energies, and allow our love to close the circle of Peace.”
By Cindy Fuller

Special Guide and acting Faery Ambassador- Diomira D’Agostino, an intuitive who connects with the faeries of every region, has extensively walked the sacred sights of Ireland. She has connected with the Faery Beings there and has awakened the memory of co-creating with them in her own heart. She seeks to bring this experience to you so that we can all touch that magical space. Her light will help to open doorways to other realms of enchantment and love.


Spirit Walk

Day Long Signature Faery Counterpart Workshop – Keys to Reestablishing a Faery/Human Partnership

Co-Creation Series

The Fifth Element

Intro to Faery/Human Relationship Building