All workshops and materials are geared toward helping us to remember and awaken to our connection with Nature. The material and information in these workshops has been channeled from the Faeries. Diomira then worked co-creatively with them on the design, look and feel of each of these programs. They are designed to not only help us remember, but also help to raise our vibrational frequency thereby preparing us for the ascension process. These programs are all part of an ancient body of wisdom that is both old and very new. They are called The Faery Wisdom Teachings.

Spirit Walk

An intuitively guided walk through Nature while learning to recognize the myriad ways nature speaks to our hearts in an effort to support us in our journey toward higher consciousness.

Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 10:00 am at Kennesaw Mountain Park


Intro To the Faery Realm

To be announced



Co-Creation Series

Manifesting With the Faeries: Part 1

Connecting with the Faeries:  Faery and Human Relationship Building

The Fifth Element

To Be Announced

Faery Counterpart Day Long Intensive

To Be Announced