Faery Mentorship

A Program that guides you as you continue your journey with the faeries!

Deepen Your Practice within the Faery Mysteries

—-Prerequisite: completion of Faery Light School—-

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So you’ve completed Faery Light School…

Having activated your bond with your Faery Counterpart, you’ve stepped onto the path as

Faery Light Initiate

So now what…

You arrive home with all these new tools and techniques and a burgeoning relationship with the Faery Realm.

What now?

You find yourself having profound Faery experiences and wonder to yourself,

“Well, what do they mean? Where do I go from here?”

Now that you have awakened this connection how are you going to pull it all together?

The Faery Light Mentorship offers sacred support as you move through these magical initiations and divine unfoldments.

Offering guidance, clarity and a way to put it all together, Diomira works with you closely, guiding you step by step on your journey into:

The Heart of the Faery Mysteries


How will we work together?

  • Advanced tools to fine tune your natural intuitive gifts or “faery senses”
  • Healing modalities to continue to clear that which prevents you from going fully into the heart.
  • Transformative journeys to the hidden realms of Faerie for healing and exploration.
  • Alchemical processes to result in profound inner transformations.
  • Faery Light Homework to support your unfolding process.
  • Opportunities to participate in Faery Light Work.
  • One-on-one support as you unfold in your understanding with the spiritual realms of Gaia.

Having been on the spiritual path of the Faery Tradition for many years, Diomira is able to provide guidance specific to your individual growth process, easily identifying blocks and obstacles.

Make your journey an adventure of joy, peace and love!

Features of this program:

  • Six 1 hour-long mentoring sessions over the course of 3 months to be conducted via Skype or phone.
  • Unlimited email exchange with Diomira about your work with the Faery Realm, offering Q & A support & check in.
  • Become a Faery Light Worker!

These sessions are a blend of verbal instruction, support and guidance.

Filled with fun, experiential activities and provocative information…

…they stimulate your remembering and intellect.

You really go deep and explore these realms of light and enchantment.

This work is both light-hearted and deeply profound. It is serious and whimsical.


What are the benefits you will receive?


  • Trust in your intuitive skills related to nature communication and faery guidance.
  • Deep understanding of the Faery Realm, its inhabitants and how to navigate it.
  • Pointed guidance to reveal the hidden meaning of your journeys, meditations and daily experiences with the Fae.
  • Uncovering your unique faery gifts.
  • Confidence to perceive the Voice of the Land & the Faery Beings there to carry out sacred directives.
  • Specific guidance to your individual growth process along this path.
  • Integration of all the deep work that you did on the retreat.
I would love to continue to be part of your magical journey!
If you have any questions or are ready to embark on the Faery Light Mentorship Program
please contact me:

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