Faery Crystal Light

Once, long ago, the veil between the physical world and the subtler dimensions was very thin.  The humans and the faery races walked together.  This was a time when the humans were very connected to the Earth and to Spirit.  Over many eons of time this veil grew denser and denser until we were finally unconscious of both our connection to the Earth and to our true selves.  We are now standing on the brink of a new age.  Our consciousness is expanding; we are once again able to reestablish our connection with the Earth Mother.

Gaia is a third-dimensional planet, but is shifting rapidly into a higher dimensional existence.   The process can be tumultuous or it can be smooth – we choose.  The intention of this healing technique, given to me by the fairies, is to naturalize our frequency to align to that of the Earth.  By aligning our frequency in this way we are essentially putting “our train on her track” and moving in rhythm with her as she makes her transition into a fifth-dimensional frequency where Love is king.

The faery crystal light therapy, or faery light for short, is a three-part process.  The first part of the process is where I channel faery light, which is an ancient natural healing Earth energy directly from the faeries.  This earthy energy originates in the heart chakra of Mother Earth and moves through the hearts of the faeries, where it blends with Spirit.  Thus faery light is a beautiful mingling of Earth and Heaven energies.   From their hearts it moves to mine, through me and then to you.  The purpose of this part of the process is to pour the Earth’s love into you to open your heart and awaken your spirit to its true nature.  This component really works you on the physical level and deals with the lower three chakras and then works to open the heart.  During this time the faeries will detect any disharmonies you may have; they will select herbs, plants, flowers, minerals or other natural elements to bring you into balance.  They infuse the faery light with the energetic pattern and vibration of the terrestrial substance.  These elements are then energetically channeled into you via the faery light.  Your body draws it into the exact area of need.

The second part of the process is the starlight crystal component.  The crystals have been charged with starlight energy in order to vibrate at the celestial frequency of divine light.  At this point we are moving into your energy and spiritual bodies and dealing with all the chakras.  The crystals are placed in various patterns around your physical body specific to what you need.  The faeries guide me every step of the way showing me where to place the crystals and how to maneuver them to move energy and to create new energy pathways so the old patterns can be released, while a new foundation is laid.

The final part of the process uses sacred geometry.  I am given specific geometric shapes to send through your body.  These forms are a language unto themselves.  They are encoded with information that speaks to your body on a cellular and molecular level.  The shapes communicate with your body’s DNA in order to activate your divine purpose embedded in your divine blueprint and align you to your highest evolutionary path here on planet Earth.

This transformational process they call Christing with the Fairies.


My Faery Light Healing was quite the incredible experience. My mind and body are feeling clearer than they have in years. This is, also, the most pain free I have felt since a serious car accident I was in June of 1999. It is a beautiful, brilliant, unique experience that I continue to carry with me even now, almost 24 hours later. I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you, Diomira! Lots of love and hugs to you!”

—–Holly V.