This modality has been called by many names: Sacred Renewal Breathwork, Rebirthing, Circular Breathing, Holotropic Breathing, Conscious Connected Breathwork. Breathwork is a powerful, safe and gentle breathing technique which relieves tension from the body and increases your energy, for the purpose of experiencing more peace and harmony in your life. Breathwork was developed in the early 70’s, and since then it has been practiced all over the world by thousands of people. In a Breathwork session, Diomira guides your breath in a way that increases the amount of oxygen in your body.  The benefits of this increased level of oxygen are many: your energy level increases, your body’s natural ability to cleanse itself is stimulated,  70% of body toxins are eliminated, and the blood’s alkaline level raises.

Other substantial benefits of breathwork are that it releases stored emotions from the body and accesses the part of the brain that stimulates memory. By learning to breathe in a conscious and connected way, one is able to uncover and release faulty thought patterns and limiting beliefs from the past. In this way you can discover how current issues in your life originated from decisions you may have made in the past. By becoming aware of these decisions you are able to choose differently in present time. Becoming consciously aware of patterns or undesirable habits is the first step to change.

What to Expect in a Breathwork Session

A Breathwork session is usually about 2 hours in length.  The first hour involves a consultation, follow by a second hour of   connected breathing. In the consultation, you can discuss your present situation and where you feel you are in your life now. In this way the breathworker can determine how best to support you. Your Breathworker will gather information in order to assist you in changing undesirable patterns.

Your breath will be guided in a way that enables you to process what occurs during the session. They will guide and support you through emotional releases, thoughts and memories that may come up to be healed. Oftentimes your breathworker is able to trace complex issues in your life to the origins of your subconscious mind. By becoming aware of the patterns that are creating your reality, your Breathworker will support you in finding solutions and resolutions.