Faery Tea Party

A Faery Tea Party: Attuning Your Faery Senses

Does the idea of exploring magical potions speak to your heart and soul? Did you think Faery Tea Parties were for children only? Let us do away with those silly thoughts.

All living things have a Faery Guardian spirit associated with it. Plants and herbs are a wonderful way to attune our Faery Senses. This class will focus on several herbs that are known for their connection to the Faery Realm.We will discuss the various herbs and their corresponding uses and lore. But first, we will begin by embarking on a journey of the senses – observing, feeling, smelling and tasting! For one can never learn about plants, or faeries for that matter, by talking about them. In this way we will come into relationship with each of the Guardians of these Faery Herbs individually and learn to perceive the effect they have on our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Join Diomira Rose at the next Faery Tea Party for some Faery Herb Fun. After all, you don’t have to join the Mad Hatter to have a tea party! *Be prepared to ingest samples. Possibilities include teas, infusions, dried herbs, cordials, etc. If you have any sensitivities to herbs this may not be for you.*Bring a journal to record your experiences.

If you or anyone you know is interested in hosting a Faery Tea Party, contact Diomira to schedule this wonderfully magical event. Some of the benefits of being a Faery Tea Party host include:

  • An opportunity for you to gather your friends for a magical journey through the faery sensory experience.
  • You and your friends are given permission to believe in Magic!!
  • You experience the Faery Tea Party free of charge.
  • A Crystal blessed with Faery Light as a gift.
  • Faery Herbs to continue your journey with these amazing faery plant spirits!


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