The Truth about You!

In order for the truth to be revealed, I invite you to join me on a magical journey… Imagine a timeless place filled with magic and wonder. This place exists at the deepest point within the forest, beneath the sacred hollow hills, shrouded in mist and buried in...

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Pesky Issues Be Gone!

Have you ever had one of those pesky issues that -- no matter what you did – you just couldn’t seem to heal it? As healers and seekers of truth, we’re trained to constantly clear and heal all the many layers that come up – layers of resistance, layers of pain. You...

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#1 Mistake Made When Connecting with Nature for Healing

1. Time - Take time to go outside for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of spending time there. Remember a relationship takes time. So make sure to give it. This is probably the easiest and most underrated step of all. 2. Send Love - When you find yourself admiring a...

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The Beings of Light grow closer!

I am really looking forward to our upcoming Faery Light School retreat. The Beings of Light and High Faeries have been stepping down their rate of vibration over these last weeks to draw closer to us. Once they reach a certain level it will be our responsibility to...

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The New Moon and a Faery-Daughter

What better occasion for a blog post than the New Moon. The Grandmother Moon dances in the shadows of darkness, a fertile bed is made for seeds to be planted…. I came across a video the other day of a presentation I gave back in June of 2011 for a Public Speaking...

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F.A.E. Festival Experience – 2

Taking a warm soothing sip of tea, I settled into my morning meditation. I took my time preparing for the day as I worked with several inner technologies of light. Then, having finished attuning myself, and stirring my heart awake with the breath of Earth and Sky, I...

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Faery Light School Level One

I hope this message finds you sparkling delightfully with a spring in your step. I want to share with you my new Faery Light School Retreat I am offering in the fall. I am really excited about it for so many reasons. I spent a great deal of time in the Cave of Winter...

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Merlin and Faery Light School

While at the FAE festival, not far from where the retreat will be held in September, I had the honor of glimpsing at an even deeper level some of the inter dimensional activities of light that are forming around the upcoming retreat. Merlin has stepped in as an...

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F.A.E. Festival Experience – 1

I tossed and turned Friday night as I lay in bed wide awake. Alive with energy as if I had just awoken from a rejuvenating nap, I wondered if I would ever fall asleep. It had been the evening of the concert, and Faerie Elaine Silver was wonderful. I had enjoyed...

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Goblins are Faeries Too! Goblin story part 2

At just over 11,000 feet, I had no interest in over-exerting myself.  We were only on our second day in high altitude in New Mexico and Valle Caldera sits on top of a dormant super-volcano. A 13-mile wide circular depression in the earth, the caldera formed when the...

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