Are You Overriding Your Intuition?

    Intuition is the hot topic right now. To hear or not to hear...that is the question. We can't seem to figure out if it's our yapping mind or the Still Small Voice Within aka Ms. Intuition that's trying to get a word in. So how can you know if you are overriding...

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Reclaim Your Power with Moon Magic

Feel as if you're moving against the grain of life? If you want to stop fighting the proverbial uphill battle, reclaim your power and put the flow back into your life then a little Moon magic is a great place to start! No doubt when you tune in and contemplate the...

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How to Share a Powerful Message…When Nobody’s Listening

I have been working SO hard this year to convey more clearly what it is I have to share, and even more, how it can help YOU in your life where you are. Not so long ago, I was a girl with a message. This message was an unusual message by some standards. Not because its...

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Springboard Your Passions into Manifestation

Summer is in high-gear, and with it our passions and desires tend to rise up with a fierceness. The Earth is calling us to take action, and bring the dreams of our heart into our everyday world. Let me first say there is absolutely NO reason your...

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The Truth about You!

In order for the truth to be revealed, I invite you to join me on a magical journey… Imagine a timeless place filled with magic and wonder. This place exists at the deepest point within the forest, beneath the sacred hollow hills, shrouded in mist and buried in...

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