In order for the truth to be revealed, I invite you to join me on a magical journey… Imagine a timeless place filled with magic and wonder. This place exists at the deepest point within the forest, beneath the sacred hollow hills, shrouded in mist and buried in...

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The Beings of Light grow closer!

I am really looking forward to our upcoming Faery Light School retreat. The Beings of Light and High Faeries have been stepping down their rate of vibration over these last weeks to draw closer to us. Once they reach a certain level it will be our responsibility to...

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Faery Light School Level One

I hope this message finds you sparkling delightfully with a spring in your step. I want to share with you my new Faery Light School Retreat I am offering in the fall. I am really excited about it for so many reasons. I spent a great deal of time in the Cave of Winter...

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