Journey to one of the most sacred places in Europe – Ireland. Visit Grange Stone Circle, the largest stone circle in Ireland.  Tour the Hill of Tara, which is said to represent The Mother Womb of Ireland – the most sacred place of them all – where the Ancient Ones... read more

The Language of the Trees

The Faeries and the Trees are intimately connected. Their origins are intertwined, for in truth they have evolved side by side on our planet. Many of the Wisdom Teachings that the faeries wish to share with us center around these great and ancient “Standing People”.... read more

The Faeries Speak

  Dear Ones, Our Brothers and Sisters of the Human Race, If you knew and understood the love that All of Creation has for you in this moment and every moment since the beginning of Time, worry and fear would vanish from your hearts without leaving a trace.... read more

My Truth

Wow! These energies are incredible and challenging at the same time. Between the eclipse energies and the Grand Cross stuff is definitely moving and shaking. It is so important to remember to stay centered in these moments. We have to keep our eye on Spirit, and not... read more