The Fifth Element

In this workshop we work with the four elements within ourselves –  first activating the elements in a right brained, feminine way, then activating them in a left-brained, masculine way. By bringing these inner elements of earth, air, water and fire into balance we open and naturally activate the fifth element: the heart.

Spirit or ether is often viewed as the fifth element, and it is so. Spirit is the glue that binds them all; it is the golden thread that connects all. The heart is like this in many ways, for it is the bridge between the upper and lower chakras. The heart is where Spirit and matter meet. Manifesting of spirit in matter is our divine purpose. Our heart is the doorway; love is the key. It is through this doorway that heaven and earth become one.

  • Learn to recognize the elements within yourself and others.
  • Tools and technique for bringing our inner elements into balance.
  • Learn about the four Faery Hallows and how to activate them
  • Learn about the five platonic solids in sacred geometry and how they relate to the elements
  • Rewire the right and left hemispheres of the brain to function in an integrated way
  • Activate the fifth element or the Faery Hearth through breathwork and meditation

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