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September  2 – 4, 2016
Friday 5pm through Sunday 3pm.

Black Mountain, NC at the UR Light Center

Retreat Cost:
(includes 2 night accommodation and more. See details at bottom of page)
Early Bird Registration (before June 30): $371
Registration (July 1st and after): $444

Does your heart yearn for a life filled with magic that you know is real? Have you felt the call to dance into being once more a relationship with the light-filled realms of the Inner Earth? Perhaps you have felt it – an otherworldly longing, drawing you to seek connection with the Faeries?


Whether we know it or not, our destiny and theirs is intertwined. We are kin in a matter of speaking. We have mostly forgotten this beautiful and symbiotic relationship. Now we are being called back for healing and re-envisioning the co-creative Dream of the Planet. The Faeries are inviting us to awaken our hearts and remember our connection to the Earth. They want to share, grow, play and heal with us. We have so much to offer one another; they have so many shades to add to our colors. It is time to heal the bond that dissolved so long ago. It is time to remember!


RedRoseThis workshop includes guided meditations and hands-on activities to awaken your heart to the transformative Voice of the Earth Mother and all her myriad expressions. It is designed to be a comprehensive program that guides you home to the heart of the Earth, where you connect with your Faery Counterpart and learn how humans and faeries can co-create healing and transformation for ourselves, each other and the planet.


I invite you to journey with me. Enter your heart where Faery and Human are One – One with Spirit and One with All Life Everywhere.


  • Unlock the 3 Faery Keys to Faery & Human Relationship Building
  • Explore the history of the relationship between humans & faeries.
  • Learn the Earth Sky Attunement as the Language of Light– let the magic of Earth & the starlight of the heavens open your heart.
  • Explore the light-filled realms of nature on three intuitively guided Faery Walkabouts with Diomira Rose.
  • Attune your Faery Senses! – Begin to see and feel Nature’s Faery Guardians – experience a world where nature spirits, devas and shining beings are real and alive!
  • Feel the energy fields of trees and other living things and receive your own light-filled messages from the many voices of nature.
  • Journey with the crystals for healing and communication!
  • Experience a Rose Quartz Transformational Breathwork Journey.
  • Experience the magic of Faery Light Group Healing and Attunement.
  • Experience the Light Center’s unique Light Chamber!
  • Activate your Faery Counterpart bond– a Faery Ally that connects to you through your complementary vibrational patterns.
  • Learn techniques for bridging and anchoring the nonphysical experience into the physical realm.
  • Participate in Faery Light Work with your Faery Counterpart for planetary healing!

*For further information see Energy Update links for Retreat below

 Retreat energy updates:

Retreat Cost includes:

  • full programming Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. 
  • 2 night accommodation in double and triple occupancy rooms with private bathroom
  • organic breakfast (homemade GF granola, yogurt, sourdough rye, organic jams & butter) on Saturday & Sunday morning. 
  • Towels
  • Linens
  • Light Room Use
  • Full Access to the Kitchen
Early Bird Registration before June 30: $371
Registration July 1-August 19: $444
To Register:
  • Send a check or money order in the full amount made payable to Faery Light, or
  • Use Paypal – click on the link below!


If you are paying by check or money order you can send your payment along with your name, phone number and email to:
Faery Light
c/o Diomira D’Agostino
1117 Saint Charles Court
Charlottesville, VA 22901


*All monies paid for a retreat are non-refundable. You can however transfer once within a twelve month period to a later retreat.  Retreat transfers need to be done up to three weeks prior to the start of the retreat for which you originally registered.


What you need to bring:

  • Journal to record experiences
  • Comfortable clothing and walking/hiking shoes
  • Food to prepare or to share for 4 meals: 2 dinners & 2 lunches



“I signed up for Diomira’s workshop because I was ready to learn more about the Earth elementals. I didn’t know what to expect, and the day delivered an inspiring variety of colorful discussions and guided meditations that deepened my connection to Gaia.  I loved the outdoor exercise we practiced early in the day.  Diomira helped us feel the difference between the tree’s energy and the faery’s energy; a subtlety I was not previously conscious of. With her loving guidance, I felt open and receptive to the magical world at our fingertips.  I recommend this workshop to anyone who feels the call from Mother Earth to delve deeper into our interconnectedness and seek support from the very beings at her essence. Also great for the casual observer seeking an introduction to our Earth’s spiritual side.

—-  A. Laura, August 2012


Diomira Rose D’Agostino is an ambassador for the Faery kingdom as well as a teacher who is reawakening the human heart and reconnecting people with the earth. She is also a writer who has published her second book in The Forest Speaks series that is a magical journey and fascinating glimpse into a beautiful world humankind has lost. When you open the book and read, you will enter that magical world you once knew and loved. Let her bring it to life for you again!

~ Ahni Atkins, Ph.D, Ed.D., author of Beyond the Road, The God Magic Within You, The Journey Home, The Message, and Your Soul Knows.


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