Heart Light

Co-Creation Series:
Faery and Human Partnership

Manifesting With Faeries: Part 1

The faeries are masters of form. They don’t have the obstacles we do in conceiving of something on a higher level and then bringing it forth into matter. They have such a great understanding of form that they can mold the ethers according to the divine blueprint. They are architects and builders alike. They have much to share with us. These tools will be applicable to many aspects of our lives.

We work with the faeries to manifest  something on an individual level. Then we will do a meditation with the faeries to plant the seed that is our goal or dream. Watch it grow!  This is only paving the way for us to learn to dream co-creatively.

  • Gain a greater understanding of manifestation, and the role the faeries play in it.
  • Learn a fabulous 3 part process for manifesting anything you desire!
  • Learn a simple clearing technique to move through any blocks that might be keeping you from experiencing greater.
  • Create an etheric light garden where you will do all your manifestation work.



Manifesting with the Faeries: Part 2 – Dreaming a New Earth

(Part 1 – prerequisite)

Once we have gained the foundation we need to manifest on a personal level, we are then ready to use this experience to help us dream a bigger dream.

As we know, we have moved into a new age. The Age of Aquarius is to be a Golden Age not just for mankind, but also all of planet Earth. This second part will be a group exercise that will culminate in a beautiful service project on a planetary level. Together with the faeries we will dream a vision of brotherhood, peace, love, truth, and harmony for the New Earth.

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