It is with great pleasure, and a hint of melancholy, that I bring to you the final segment (to date) in the Story of the Hemlocks.

As I mentioned, this story began for me some time in 2009. Shortly thereafter, I thought I had gained a clear understanding of what was taking place with the Hemlocks on an energetic level – that as a collective they had chosen to make a dimensional shift into the higher planes of the Earth. I felt this was later validated by the news that the Adelgid parasite had spread all over the country killing these magnificent old growth forests of Hemlocks.

Fast forward to June of 2013. My fiance Johnny and I went to Pittsburgh. Making the most of our time there, we decided to go on a little hike about an hour or so outside of the city in Laurel Hill State Park. We started out on Hemlock Trail. And it was here on this trail that I would experience what would inspire me to write this series, essentially the Hemlocks’ Story.

Not long after starting out, a song began to fill my being, so much that I felt it from the inside out – I was compelled to sing the song aloud. I began to tone a melody. And although the song was within me, it was not my own. The deeper we went into the forest, the deeper I went into myself, and eventually I could not tell myself apart from the forest. The energy had a very familiar quality to it. So familiar. What was it? I was vibrating with life while I walked as if pulled by some unseen force.  I could “hear” and feel all of the trees vibrating in harmony with one another.

Soon we arrived at a signpost on the trail indicating we were “Entering Hemlock Natural Area”. Suddenly the energy shifted. It was the Ancient Ones – the Hemlocks. Ahhh! I could feel their powerful energy signature that I had become so familiar with, but had not felt in so long. Flashes of my experience in Joyce Kilmer all those years ago came flooding back to me. I remembered how I had been just starting my journey with the work the Faeries had asked of me. The Hemlocks had had such a significant impact on me. From them, I had learned so much.

I walked up to the first Hemlock I had laid eyes on. I rested my back up against her large trunk; her girth was larger than I could get my arms around. Then the song that I had been hearing within grew stronger. It came out of my lips, but it wasn’t me singing…and then I knew that it was her. It was them! They each had their own song, and yet their song was part of one song – it was the Song of the Hemlocks.

I sang and sang. My heart was full, and I kept singing. I wanted to stay pressed up against her strong trunk forever.  She began speaking to me on so many levels – I still do not understand much of the wisdom she imparted. I felt her spirit, and I loved her.

The question flashed inside my mind: how did you survive? I couldn’t help it. I needed to understand what had happened. How was it that the Adelgid did not ravage these Hemlocks? I remembered how so many years ago my heart had cried out for the dying species. So you can imagine my surprise when I came upon these Old and Beautiful Ones. As I stood there, my weight being supported by the tree, my question flashed again: why did you choose to remain?

An entire vision came into my mind’s eye. Tears started streaming down my face, as my understanding deepened: The Hemlocks were establishing a bridge. They were helping with the planetary ascension in their very own special way. These trees had created what appeared to be a rainbow bridge. I saw the ancient Norse mythology play out; they were Yggdrasil, forming a rainbow bridge between the worlds. They formed this bridge from our third dimensional reality to the higher dimensional planes of light. They are bridging the dimensions, and through their rope we can all find our way home. If we so choose, we can be pulled up along the rainbow trail. Of course, there are many helping with this process, however the Hemlocks are especially gifted in the stabilization of these energies that form this space.

If the Hemlock Tree Essence exists, it would be quite useful in the ascension process, and especially in the stabilization part. Unbeknownst to many of us, we tend to oscillate back and forth among the dimensions. As our perception of reality changes, and as we are having more and more multi-dimensional experiences, stabilization will be key. We will need to learn to operate in these higher frequency bands. Hemlock medicine does just that. We do not need the physical essence, although this too could be helpful. All we need to do is sit quietly and breathe. If you breathe with the Overlighting Hemlock spirit, then the energy that is encoded within their signature can penetrate your being. Breathe it in. Feel how it supports you in your awakening. Allow it to recalibrate your energy to align to higher dimensional frequencies. Breathe and feel gratitude. In your heart, in your being for all of life everywhere. A ho.

In this moment, and ever since, I have been filled to overflowing with all the love that Life everywhere has for us. All of Life is cheering us on, and supporting us in any way that they can. The Hemlocks have blessed us with a great gift.  Those with eyes to see, let them see it.

In Love and Faery Light,

Diomira and the Faeries

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