Here we are in the fall of 2013 with the Winter Solstice fast approaching, and I am finally sharing the second part of the Hemlocks’ Story. Whew! That was a hiatus and a half. I must say that summer flew by and I needed the time off. Between Mercury Retrograde, moving into a new home, and saving for and going on a month long magical European adventure this message did not have the space to come through. Every time I thought of it something else would come up, and so in the end, I didn’t want to force anything. We all know everything happens in its own time, and…




I was just interrupted in my writing process by a UPS delivery person. What confirmation! Guess what he dropped off? A book I had forgotten I ordered last week… “Call of the Trees” by Dorothy Maclean. Talk about synchronicity.


So now as I was saying (now perhaps sitting tall and with just a little more confidence LOL) everything happens in its own time, and if we don’t force it then we allow for Divine Timing and Order to come into play. So without further ado, I bring you:


Conversation with the Hemlocks Part 2: From a Higher Perspective



The days following the workshop were for processing. Even as the workshop facilitator there is always lots to integrate – sometimes just as much as the participants, as I do participate in many of the activities myself. Sometimes in my meditation I would feel into the energy of each exercise in order to assess it fully.  I was feeling into the last activity with Joyce Kilmer when I felt the vibrational signature of the Hemlocks. That’s when I knew. You see, even though we had sent them healing energy, we didn’t alter their destiny. In fact, in some way we helped them fulfill it. It wouldn’t be until later that I would understand how.


Several weeks later I was sitting in meditation. I had been excited about meditation that morning, for I had a nice and clearly unrealistic expectation of sitting in Divine Bliss.  Of course as we know any time you try to plan a meditation (which is an oxymoron phrase if I ever did see one), the plan goes out the window. Anyway, this annoying feeling of sadness and resistance came up front and center. Over the last few weeks there had been this pocket of emotion gnawing at the background of my consciousness. Up until then, however, it had stayed in its place enough that I could ignore it. Well, here it was staring at me and there was no getting away from it unless I really wanted to play the role of deluded denial. So here I was sitting in a state of no-thought with this super uncomfortable feeling sitting on my chest. I was sure an elephant had made his home there. The first thing I did of course was start to judge it. After I snapped out of that futile action, I sat with it. I sat with it long enough until I saw the source of it: The Hemlocks. It was the sadness I still felt for this beloved species of trees.


I was still very much attached to my human emotions, and not wanting to experience this loss. I was unable to see the big picture. And what a bigger picture there was! At the time I couldn’t understand and make peace with the idea that an entire race of ancient standing people had to leave. I started to cry. The feeling of loss that had been building for weeks was set free. A floodgate had been opened. I cried for what felt like an eternity. After what could have been ten minutes or two hours I was empty. I felt a calm descend over me like a warm blanket. Then I felt the Hemlocks with me. Finally after moments of allowing their nurturing energy to pacify me I asked, “Why?” I needed to understand.


Then I heard their answer from deep within:


“Fear not, Child. For many species that you believe to be extinct or lost have just made a dimensional shift – they live on the New Earth. They exist still on the higher dimensional overtones of this planet. Our species waits for you there. Furthermore, the Great Mother Earth actually holds within her Akashic Records the blueprint for all species. So if Nature deems it so, it can return to the physical dimension once again. The devas hold these codes within them.”


With that I was sad to know that they were leaving this dimension, but joyous to know that they weren’t really gone. I heard the comforting words, “Nothing is ever lost. All is well. We love you.”


My heart responded in love and gratitude for the Hemlocks. I was finally starting to see the bigger picture: the Hemlocks had made a soul choice on a collective level to take a leap forward on their evolutionary path. So years later when I learned that the plight with the Adelgid had spread all over the country including to the Pacific Northwest I remembered their words to me: “Nothing is ever lost.”


To Be Continued…


Part 3: An Even Bigger Picture

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