Conversation with the Hemlocks part 1


The Faeries have taught me a great many things. They helped me to understand the significance of the Tree People – how they contain within them both masculine and feminine energies; how they represent the middle path that connects the above and the below; they helped me to see that trees were ‘tween places because their branches reached to the heavens, while their roots were firmly planted deep within the Earth. And it was the faeries who ultimately guided me to the Hemlocks.

It was only during my recent trip to Pennsylvania that I realized that the Hemlocks still had more of their story to tell as another piece of the puzzle unveiled itself to me. In order to better understand the powerful impact that this past weekend had on me I will have to start at the beginning of my involvement. So it is with great pleasure that I bring you:


The Story of the Hemlocks…from my where I’m standing (Part 1)


My story starts about seven years ago, but I assume it is much older, and so it could more accurately be stated that I entered the story about seven years ago. It is one of those stories where every time you believe you have arrived at the end another layer manifests. In hindsight it is like a constant “to be continued” except I am not aware that there is to be a sequel until it happens. It has been through this experience that I have truly come to appreciate the idea of viewing things differently from various vantage points and different stages. The book I have been engrossed in writing is kind of like that: there is the same story from so many different perspectives that oftentimes it sounds like a completely different tale.

In the summer of 2006 I learned in a rather serendipitous way from an unlikely source of an old growth forest seated on the edge of the Nantahala on the corner of North Carolina. This was extremely rare of course. Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is a virgin hardwood forest that sits on 3,800 acres. Many of the trees there are over 400 years old. Upon hearing of this unique gem something within me stirred, and I knew without a doubt that one day I would surely go.

With great sadness I also learned that this forest was dying, at least in part. One of the dominant tree species there was the Hemlock, and they were being ravaged by the Adelgid. I felt a great feeling of loss arise within me. Wasn’t there something that could be done to help save these beautiful ancient ones? Alas their fate appeared to be sealed. My sense of urgency to see this place grew…but the time to go did not come. I moved to Europe without having visited this old growth cove.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2009 that I awoke with thoughts of this place once again. I knew the time to visit this place was near. I just didn’t know when. I hoped I wasn’t too late. I had been back from Europe for almost a year now, and had begun to settle back into life in the States. So much had happened. It was as if I were a different person. I had been working with the faeries for long hours every day channeling the information that they wanted conveyed in workshop format. I had never really facilitated a workshop before, and yet the material was just flowing. I went with it. All the activities had come pretty easily with the exception of the last one. The last exercise was the culmination of the workshop; it required the individual to work within a group dynamic, while working in partnership with his/her newfound faery counterpart. We were to offer planetary lightwork that would be done in the ethers. The purpose of this, of course, was to demonstrate the possibilities of co-creative partnership with Nature, as well as offering our healing services. Well, all that was easy enough. I understood it well. What I didn’t know was how the work was going to be done, and most importantly where. Where were we going to “fly”?

By October I could think of nothing else: Joyce Kilmer was calling me and I had to go. What’s more is that I felt the Hemlocks summoning me like a clarion call of some sort. I got in my car and drove.

I arrived in about three hours. I parked the car in anticipation and walked to the entrance. There is a sign that signifies your arrival to the area that is Joyce Kilmer. Upon glimpsing it, a wave of warm, but slightly anxious energy moved through me. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. Then I entered.

I walked through the forest slowly and completely present. I could feel a pulsating energy buzzing up through my feet and into the rest of my body. My hands tingled as if in response to the aliveness I felt everywhere. I was aware that many of the Hemlocks had fallen by now. I did not feel death, though. No, I felt joy and harmony. I understood something in my heart at that moment, and I thought to myself, “This is what it must feel like to move through Life’s various cycles of birth, death and rebirth with ease and grace. Transition is only painful when we resist it.”

I continued walking through the forest awed by both my surroundings and the sensations I felt within. This place was special.

Suddenly I knew why I was there! That’s when I spotted Him. A massive Hemlock stood before me. He was still here as if waiting for me. I approached with a sense of humility and reverence unlike anything that had ever been evoked within me before. His girth was such that four of me couldn’t have wrapped their arms around his trunk.  I knelt down at the base of his trunk where a fuzzy green pillow of moss invited me to sit. I placed my hands on his bark and closed my eyes. I felt such love emanating from this being. I offered my love in response. I loved this tree. I loved all of them. I felt that by loving him I was loving the Earth herself. The tree showed me a great many things mostly that which had come to pass, some that were still yet to come. Then in a powerful wave of emotion accompanied by images I was given the directive and I knew exactly what to do.

The first workshop I ever did was in December of 2009. When the time for the last activity came we prepared for “take off” and we did exactly what I was guided by the mighty Hemlock to do.  We “flew” to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest.  We flooded the land with supportive love and light. We did this by connecting in through the trees.


The Be Continued…

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