Once, long ago, the veil between the physical world and the subtler dimensions was very thin. The humans and the faery races walked together. This was a time when the humans were very connected to the Earth and to Spirit. Over many eons of time this veil grew denser and denser until we were finally unconscious of both our connection to the Earth and to our true selves. We are now standing on the brink of a new age. Our consciousness is expanding; we are once again able to reestablish our connection with the Earth Mother.

You are now entering a world where the line between the mystical and mundane is blurred.  This is a place of enchantment, but it is very much a reality.  We are moving into a new age where magic is commonplace, as balance and harmony are restored on both an individual and planetary level.  We are in the midst of a great spiritual transformation.  Perhaps you have felt it, maybe something has been stirring within you.  We must open to this process if we wish to participate in this transition. If we surrender to Love, and begin to perceive reality from our Hearts, we will soon find ourselves in a dazzling new world filled with light. It is here that we will remember our connectedness with all of creation.

Gaia is a third-dimensional planet, but is shifting rapidly into a higher dimensional existence.   The process can be tumultuous or it can be smooth – we choose. The faeries support the Earth as she grows and evolves.   Whether we know it or not, our evolutionary path and theirs is intertwined. We are kin in a matter of speaking. We have mostly forgotten this beautiful and symbiotic relationship.  They, however, have not. In this great time of transformation, they are standing forth to assist us in our Awakening so that we can assume our divinely appointed role, and be fully realized, christed beings just as our Father/Mother God has always intended.

I invite you to journey with me. Enter your heart where faery and human are One – One with God and One with all Life everywhere.

Many Blessings to you on your path.

With peace, love and faery light!